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Sun, 15-Jan-17 3:29 PM (1 day ago)
After about a week of heavy rains, Sunday dawns clear and sunny! It's out to bicycle; to enjoy the break from the rains; to ride over to my health club for spa, sauna & soaking in hot water; mmm...
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Sun, 15-Jan-17 5:57 AM (1 day ago)
Where is all the carolina ladies
Fri, 13-Jan-17 7:08 PM (3 days ago)
Revelling in my time with Sharon. She had opened so many "doors" (among other things) for me in the past two years!
sweetbabboo11 likes this
So pleased for you both XX
(2 days ago)
MMMM That sounds very exciting, happy for you both.
(1 day ago)
Fri, 13-Jan-17 6:37 PM (3 days ago)
Oops -- it's Friday the 13th... any suggestions to turn that spectre of "crazy bad luck" into a whole lotta "crazy _good_ luck," Gals?? Inquiring minds wanna know!!
Fri, 13-Jan-17 3:25 PM (3 days ago)
I'm feeling super horny!!!
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That's a good feeling to experience, 'MrsF'!! May I offer up some fulfillment & satisfaction?!
(3 days ago)
MrsF likes this
You certainly may Sweet
(3 days ago)
(3 days ago)
Thu, 12-Jan-17 7:31 PM (3 days ago)
Hmm... just eight more days until the "New Culture of Meanness," and "self-described Putin Pal" 'Il Duce 2' take over in the U.S. -- and about eleven months until WWIII. Got popcorn, Gals?
Why only 11 months for ww111?
(3 days ago)
I figure that's good for "nuclear winter"...
(3 days ago)
Thu, 12-Jan-17 11:50 AM (4 days ago)
Good morning everyone
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"Right back atcha, 'sexy'!!"
(4 days ago)
Thu, 12-Jan-17 2:40 AM (4 days ago)
I am losing the enjoyment here, no one replies to my pms, nor puts comments on my pics, there is no chat and I wonder why is this place here... So sad, so many gorgeous girls but so little interaction
sweetbabboo11 likes this
no sorry the gorgeous Gaby replies. Love to you Gaby. Wow you are so lovely!!!!!
(4 days ago)
no all it needs when you recieve a pm is 'no more' - thank you - 'I hate it' but please respond. It only takes a few seconds
(4 days ago)
Hi Lenny, I love all your stuff, I know it seems a bit quite sometimes and I know I owe you a message but I've been busy, don't go please stick around, Love MrsF XXXXX
(4 days ago)
I guess it's just up to us -- the new "core group" -- to keep NGN goin', yes?? (p.s." I'll be replying to your latest PM shortly; my current rain-inundated life is too chaotic right now!! )
(4 days ago)
Wed, 11-Jan-17 3:46 PM (5 days ago)
Hotness with a honey
sweetbabboo11 likes this
those boobs get my honey flowing.
(5 days ago)
Who's the lucky girl?
(5 days ago)
Lenny1 and sweetbabboo11 like this
Who says she's chosen just one, Ms. P.??
(4 days ago)
... and I wanna know more about this "honey" you're referring to, 'Len'!!
(4 days ago)
Wed, 11-Jan-17 1:43 PM (5 days ago)
Happy Hump Day, y'all!
Mon, 9-Jan-17 8:30 PM (6 days ago)
The 74th annual "Globes" are now history: "La La Land" took the HFPA by storm, apparently -- now we turn our attention to the "real" awards; SAG, DGA & the "heavy gold guy." Any bets/ballots, Gals?
... and the gowns? Thank goodness for engineering and double-sided adhesive tape!!
(6 days ago)
Lenny1 likes this
Mon, 9-Jan-17 3:11 AM (7 days ago)
Thinking of making love to one of you gorgeous gals. Not a domme nor a sub, just want cuddles, fingerplay and juicy kisses. xx
Kohl_gaby and sweetbabboo11 like this
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Lenny that sounds like a plan, love to cuddle you and talk sweet sexy nothings while we hold each others body close exploring each other and kissing. XXXXXXXXX
(4 days ago)
Mon, 9-Jan-17 2:46 AM (7 days ago)
Oh another shooting atrocity in Florida intrudes on my latest update. Poor families, poor ER folk.
Mon, 9-Jan-17 12:32 AM (7 days ago)
Watching the pre-Golden Globes fashon parade: the dresses are being described this year as having "plunging necklines"... is that what nothing left to the imagination is? Expect full topless in 2 yrs!
... and a clean break & pause from the parade of rainstorms through the Southland; the weather is sunny & warm for the red carpets!
(7 days ago)
Luv to see u there babe - plunging and topless. XXXX
(7 days ago)
yerdua23 has the perfect outfit for you - check out her superb pics of her boobs delicately exposed xx
(7 days ago)
Sun, 8-Jan-17 12:32 PM (8 days ago)
horny and no one play with
Sad I missed you xx
(8 days ago)
You ca always PM me about arranging chat-room time!
(7 days ago)
Lenny1 likes this
Sat, 7-Jan-17 4:25 PM (9 days ago)
And then today, just twenty-four hours later, it's pouring rain and shiver-cold; welcome to fickle Southern California. A great day to light a fire, cuddle, and check out the happenings at NGN!!
Lenny1 likes this
Fri, 6-Jan-17 9:22 PM (9 days ago)
Another day in paradise: suntanning by the pool, in between storms. Lotsa rain due tomorrow...
Thu, 5-Jan-17 10:08 AM (11 days ago)
Just saw the movie "La La Land" (the musical): a whole lotta fun, a good love story, and a heartfelt homage to "The City of Angels"... highly recommended
Tue, 3-Jan-17 5:03 PM (13 days ago)
Good day everyone. Hope everyone is having a great day.
Tue, 3-Jan-17 12:36 AM (13 days ago)
I joined HBO Now for the new year, so I can stream & watch Game of Thrones seasons 5 & 6, & follow my "doppelganger" Brienne of Tarth as she cuts a swath through The North!! (Winter is cumming...)
Please don't stop your status updates. Not many here have a pulse!!!!! xx
(13 days ago)
sweetbabboo11 likes this
Why do you think this "sad state of affairs" exists here at NGN? Lack of creativity??
(12 days ago)
Sorry I didn't notice your Q. Simply not enough members and those who join simply get bored and leave xx
(9 days ago)
Mon, 2-Jan-17 2:20 PM (14 days ago)
Happy New Year everyone. May everyone here have a happy and healthy 2017. May you all meet new friends and enjoy the friends that you have now in your life.
Lenny1 and sweetbabboo11 like this
Mon, 2-Jan-17 7:03 AM (14 days ago)
Well, NYD was really quiet... it would have been downright boring, except for the great IM-chat with my gal-pal!
Sun, 1-Jan-17 8:00 AM (15 days ago)
Happy New Year now to the Pacific Time Zone Gals (GMT-!! "That's all, folks!" for me -- I'm off to beddy-bye (y'all are on your own, Alaska and Hawaii!! )...
Sun, 1-Jan-17 7:00 AM (15 days ago)
Happy New Year now to the Mountain Time Zone Gals (GMT-7)!!
Sun, 1-Jan-17 6:00 AM (15 days ago)
Happy New Year now to the Central Time Zone Gals (GMT-6)!!
(whew... made it on time!! )
(15 days ago)
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