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Saturday, March 30, 2019, 6:50:41 AM- My First Strap on Experience!!
Please don't take offence to my post...
It is hard to talk about my sexual experiences with peoples, age issue.
Sharing with my friends on here is the only way I can and chat about it.
Please don't judge me before you truly know me. Thank you!!

My First Strap on Experience!! (Aug 22, 2018)
Amy likes strap on play, technically you could say she de-virginized me.

Okay here we go… (best of my recollection)

Instead of going into my room she led me to the master bedroom her room (Racheal and her) and opened the curtains, letting in the last of the afternoon sunlight. She lay me down on the huge bed and parted my legs, moving between them. "I've wanted to do this for the longest time," she purred as she lay down and slipped her tongue into my waiting pussy. The feeling was incredible! Has usual!! I lay back helpless as Amy ate my pussy, my hands in her hair as I held her while I rocked my hips up to meet her probing tongue. As my pleasure climbed I knew what I wanted to do, so I gently pushed her back and turned around. She responded by climbing on top of me and lowering her wet pussy to my waiting mouth and plunging her tongue back into mine. As my lips found her stiff clit and started gently sucking I knew that I'd found what was missing today. The mix of feelings I had was amazing. The taste of her was delicious, the feeling of her licking me was incredible and the sheer naughtiness of what we were doing was enough to make both of us cum, gasping and moaning as we licked and loved each other.

We rolled apart and sat up and I loved the look on Amy's face. She had the most beautiful smile on lips that were wet with my juices. She bounced up out of the bed and went to the dresser that was standing in the corner. I couldn't see what she was getting until she turned around but my eyes opened wide when I saw what she had in her hands. In one was a tube of KY and in the other was what looked like a pink cock with some kind of leather straps attached to it. I looked questioningly at her and she laughed and just told me to watch. "I both this last year," she said, "and I've been wanting to try it with you but I was afraid of what you might think." I watched intently as she slipped the leather straps around her hips and buckled them in place. I figured it out pretty quickly when she turned around and standing out from her pretty pussy was an cock!

"Lie down," she said, and I wasted no time getting comfortable and spreading my legs for her. Amy moved between them and proceeded to lube her pink cock with the KY. My heart was pounding as she climbed on top of me and placed the tip of her cock against my eager pussy and began probing gently. The combination of the lube and my own excitement meant there was no resistance as Amy slid the entire length deep inside me. I gasped out loud as she hit bottom. I'd been fucked before with a strapon but I'd never felt so full! Amy started slowly, fucking me in and out with deep strokes as I wrapped my legs around her ass. My hands went to her breasts and pulled her closer so I could reach to suck her stiff nipples as she fucked me, and I used my legs to urge her to go faster, deeper, wanting her to pound me, fuck me, give it to me hard! Amy understood immediately and started slamming me for all she was worth, driving that pink fucking cock in and out of me. I flopped backwards and started humping my hips up at her, fucking back as she reamed my burning pussy until I couldn't take any more and burst into the biggest orgasm. My thoughts were everywhere as I came, amazed at what we were doing and how fucking wonderful it was to be screwed well by Amy. I screamed and grabbed her, holding her close as my body bucked against her cock. At last she slowed, then stopped and we held each other, her dick still buried inside me as I tried to catch my breath. "That was awesome!" I blurted and she laughed softly, sliding out of me and sitting back, her pink dick sticking up in front of her.

After I was breathing normally again I watched as she unbuckled the straps and slipped the dildo off. I reached for it and she seemed surprised but pleased as she helped me put it on. "Now it's your turn," I said, and she responded by turning around on her hands and knees and wiggling her ass at me in invitation. I leaned down and licked her dripping pussy for a moment, making her moan, then moved up behind her and slowly slipped the cock into her. I took hold of her hips and watched enraptured as what was now My cock slid all the way into my Amy's pussy. She threw her head back and groaned as I pushed all the way inside her. I couldn't believe how incredible she looked like that, stretched out with her back arched as I started fucking her. Amy immediately started pushing back against me, driving her pussy down over the length of my cock and moaning loudly as I fucked her. I held her hips tight and gave her every inch, fucking in and out and she met every stroke, urging me to drive it harder, deeper inside her. I had a nasty thought as I watched her fucking back against me so I wet my finger and gently slipped in into her little puckered ass. She went nuts! Amy started cumming like a crazy woman as I reamed her pussy with my cock and fucked her ass with my finger. Her whole body went stiff as she screamed out her pleasure, then she just collapsed on the bed, shaking uncontrollably. Slowly I slipped out of her and lay down beside her, my hand making soft circles on her back as I cooed in her ear. She turned to me with tears in her eyes and kissed me softly.

We lay back afterwards and held each other, talking about what had happened and how much we both enjoyed it. There was no awkwardness at all, it just felt right. As we smiled at each other we both knew that we were going to enjoy to do it AGAIN....
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Oh wow such a sensual beautiful encounter. You and Amy are so lucky to have each other with the seductive secrets you both share. I especially loved your fingering Amy’s ass providing double penetration giving her sensations incredible pleasures. Ummmmmmm wish l could share with both of you awesome sexxxy girls!!!!
- psps

Friday, March 29, 2019, 6:50:40 PM- About an awesome fantasy of mine
I keep thinking about an awesome fantasy of mine. I’m laying on the couch with my panties around my ankles. One hand on my pussy, the other playing with my perky nipples. My breathing is getting heavier & my moans louder as I’m teasing my clit. When I hear a knock on the door… I quickly jump up & go to see who it there, racking the door open just enough to see. Its a girl, looking for someone but she has the wrong address. As ‘m giving her directions she asks if she can come in real quick to use my bathroom. I blush, & she sees my hesitation. She smirks & pushes the door open to see me standing there, naked. She giggles & walks by me, I tell her where the bathroom is. As shes walking I can’t help but notice her perfect ass & her tits bouncing in her too tight shirt. I slowly reach down to tease my clit again. I didn’t hear her come out of the bathroom… but there she is, & she’s naked! she comes up behind me and starts playing with my nipples & biting my neck. Ugh my favorite! Then she pushes me up against the wall & trails her juicy lips down to my soaking pussy. She looks up at me, smiles, then dives in. I buck my hips back & forth and grab a fistful of her hair so I can shove her head deeper between my legs. Oh my god I’ve always wanted this. It only takes a few minutes for me to come. I direct her to the couch where I straddle her lap & begin to rub our pussies together. Back and forth, up and down. Fuck she feels so good. She caresses my body as I writhe in pleasure… needless to say she never did make it to her original destination. But I took her to a whole new world of pleasure.

If you showed up on my doorstep, what will do? I wanna hear every detail… make me cum ladies
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Thursday, March 28, 2019, 4:18:42 PM- I’m a member of a Full-Service Gym
I’m a member of a Full-Service Gym, that love to swim. You can play games, like basketball, they also have a diving board and a million other things. One thing in particular is a sauna, where you can just lay there only with women. So every time I went there, I got a very large dose of tit, cameltoes and ass. I never considered myself, craving so much, but let’s just say, after a while, I didn’t mind seeing all the tits and cameltoes. This afternoon, I just finish swimming, in my bikini. I was about ready to go home, but before I went home, I decided to pay the sauna a visit.

I went in with a towel wrapped around my waist, and I sat down. The place didn’t have a lot of people around, for it being Tuesday. So I was happy that I might have had the sauna all to myself. For a moment, I thought of taking off my towel, sense I was alone. Eventually, I just decided against it though. I guess I was just too self-cautious. Anyway, a minute later, a mature lady early fourty come into the sauna with a towel on. She didn’t say anything, not everyone there was the talking type, as you could imagine.

After a while I left the sauna, and shortly after that, shower and getting dresses to go home. Then saw her going to her the locker close to mine, and she still said nothing.

Although, she had no problem taking off her towel right in front of a total stranger. First, she just stands there and let her boobs be in plain sight, and I couldn’t help but get a view of her rack.

It looked like she had a solid … rack, not like me, so I was impressed. I did my best not to stare at her, but it proved to be a little difficult though. I also couldn’t help but look down south as well. She had a sexy landing strip there and my pussy got wet from seeing her. To my knowledge anyway, she couldn’t tell that I looking at her out, but then I was sure she did notice.

‘Taking a mental picture?’ She asked.

‘I’m sorry,’ I replied as I was embarrassed.

‘It’s OK’ She said.

I didn’t know what to say, I wasn’t even sure there was anything to say.

I just couldn’t resist, I had to check her out. Her boobs were still quite sexy, and her landing strip seemed touched up. It was almost as if she was trying make sure it looked good for show.

I quickly left and went to home ripped off my jeans and panties and began to rub and finger fuck my soaking wet pussy.

I had seen naked mature women quite a few times before. Even before I joined the club, but this lady just made me want her for some reason.

When I see a girl naked, I usually get excited. Then I think, wow.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 4:43:31 PM- She made me masturbating in the Car!!
Hi my Name is Cindy. I'm 19 5'6 100lbs 32a cup size brown hair brown eyes shaved completely and a nice firm body all around. I like to work out keep myself in shape and go out partying. This is a story about an older woman that I would love to have that I saw at the gym today (Thursday) well working out. It all started well I was working on my legs and ass she walked by I saw her reflection in the mirror and it was like I was struck by lightning I knew I desire to have her. I watched her work out for the rest of the afternoon moving near her each time she moved to watch her as I pretended to work out. When she headed for the shower I did as well. I went in stripped down and toke the shower stall across from her hoping she would be interested.

I had shaven this morning and was feeling very confident I lathered my body with my body wash as I always did. I looked her up and down getting a full view of her beautiful mature body if I had to have guessed I would have said she was mid to late 30’s. Was I ever wrong. She was about 5'5 about 110lbs 36c cup size very little sag in them blonde hair blue eyes she had a small bush of pubic hair well-trimmed fallowing her natural curves made her look very sexy she look like she was in very good shape. As I continued to watch her I could feel my juices start to flow my nipple became very hard despite the warmth of the water. She looked over at me and smiled and said hello almost catching me starring. I said hello back smiling as well. I turned around to give her a view of my backside smiling as I did only breaking eye contact when I had to turn my head to face the wall. I stood there a little bit pushing my ass out as I rinsed the body wash off running my hands over the front of my body pausing at my breasts to really make sure it came off or least that's what I wanted it to look like as I did looked back and coat her stair at me with a look of desire in her eyes. I turned back to the wall finish rinsing and turned back around to find that she was gone.

I quickly finished up went into the change room and she was nowhere to be seen. dam I thought to myself as I got dressed. As I walked out to my car I hoped I would see her tomorrow though I didn't think so because I had never seen her before today. I got into my car and drove home thinking about her the whole way making myself wetter and wetter thinking about every curve of her body how it flowed. I was so turned on that half way home I had to pull over and pleasure myself. I undid my jeans slid them down around my knees along with my panties opened my legs enough to slide 2 fingers into my wet pussy I quickly pumped my fingers in and out moaning loudly the whole time till I cummed hard. Wave after wave of pleasure washing over me as I climaxed think of her the whole time. As I calmed I realized just how much I had cummed my thighs were moist and there was a small puddle in my seat. I blushed to myself as I pulled up my panties and jeans hoping no one saw me. I drove the rest of the way home still thinking about her.

It is difficult for me because there is a huge stigma and a certain level of taboo connected to a older lady. And i am sort of shy, so that is a bit of a block as well.
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"Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon, pity she missed out!!!"
- MrsF

Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 4:39:08 PM- I have always admired older women and never....
I have always admired older women and never really thought about them sexually until I realized I could be gay or bi.

I am not sure when it began for me, but there something that stands out in my mind. I was young, at my Christian camp, and was just completely obsessed with my camp counselor. I would get excited to be around her or talk to her and make up things so that she'd have to take me to the side and talk. She would dominate my thoughts later when I went home and later when I returned to camp, I made sure to make the request to have her as a counselor again.

I think that it comes from the emotional intimacy that I felt with her that I didn't felt with anyone else. Like I could tell her anything and not be judged. I felt like she actually cared what I said and how I felt.
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