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Moose907l's Recent Statuses
Wed, 4-Apr-18 7:13 PM (318 days ago)
Back home again. Wandering is nice (with the “extras”wink but it’s oh so nice to wander back!
k4mf and enjoyable like this
Sat, 17-Mar-18 5:49 PM (336 days ago)
Having so much fun visiting but alas, time is beginning to run short....
Sat, 29-Jul-17 10:56 PM (567 days ago)
In Anchorage for a week or so. Visiting an old friend and enjoying the leisure. Tonight there will be the hot tub, the toys and enjoying the pleasures of intimate friendship.
MrsF, katwomyn69 and lov2plsu like this
Wish I was with you amazing ladies.XX
(567 days ago)
Sounds awesome hope you have a great time. XXXXX
(566 days ago)
Sat, 18-Mar-17 4:56 PM (700 days ago)
That it would be wonderful to share a sauna this afternoon. -25 today! A warm sweet feminine body to explore would certainly warm things up!
MrsF likes this
I'd love to join you,and maybe invite mhazard too?
(700 days ago)
MrsF likes this
And me!!!!
(700 days ago)
Pluvingrl likes this
Sharon, Leilla, Joy and you and I. Yummy lovely lady....
(700 days ago)
MrsF likes this
I know what you mean I just came in from playing in the snow naked
(699 days ago)
Post some pictures so we can see what we are missing
(697 days ago)
Fri, 13-Jan-17 7:08 PM (764 days ago)
Revelling in my time with Sharon. She had opened so many "doors" (among other things) for me in the past two years!
sweetbabboo11 likes this
So pleased for you both XX
(764 days ago)
MMMM That sounds very exciting, happy for you both.
(762 days ago)
Sun, 26-Jul-15 1:59 AM (1302 days ago)
Home again to blue skies, cooler temps and Lean Luke is on the way!!!
Sun, 26-Jul-15 1:58 AM (1302 days ago)
Home again to blue skies,cooler temps and "Lean Luke"
Sun, 21-Jun-15 2:05 AM (1337 days ago)
Summer is here but requires that I be in the "Little 48" to visit family. Can't wait to get home and see Sharon!
Mon, 1-Jun-15 10:33 PM (1356 days ago)
It's been getting nicer but was 36* when I got up this morning.
Sat, 18-Apr-15 1:10 AM (1401 days ago)
The sun is returning. Most of the snow is gone. Yay!!!
Thu, 26-Mar-15 1:18 AM (1424 days ago)
Warmer, WARMER and the sun is coming out. Wish I was cuming too!
Mon, 9-Mar-15 4:00 PM (1440 days ago)
More snow :~(
Sat, 28-Feb-15 3:18 AM (1450 days ago)
There are woman who signed up originally (well over 50) but haven't logged on since. I was so excited to see that list.... but nobody!
Curious1991 likes this
Fri, 27-Feb-15 10:59 PM (1450 days ago)
Discovering that apparently there aren't any other ladies on the site from Alaska.
Fri, 27-Feb-15 1:15 AM (1451 days ago)
Well, right now, starting to get dinner together and hoping that warmer weather is on the way. Will be nice to lay out on the deck again, warm sunlight and no neighbors.
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