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Chat Room - Code Of Conduct

There are a few rules that we have introduced for setting behavioral standards in the chat room.

While not being overly restrictive, these rules clearly define for both users and moderators what is unacceptable behavior.

Anyone seen breaching these rules is opening themselves to be removed from the room by a moderator. A moderator must identify themselves as such and provide one public warning before removing or "booting" the offending person from the room.

Unacceptable behavior is defined as:

  • Any derogatory comments regarding or directed to another user in the room or member of the site

  • Any behavior which harasses, intimidates or bullies other users

  • Any reference to child pornography, such as an external link or discussion of the subject of child pornography

  • Any reference to illegal activity such as drugs, terrorism etc, whether it be a link or discussion on illegal activities

  • Requesting chat on "taboo" subjects such as incest, underage or beastiality

  • Continuing to send private PRV messages to someone that has asked you to stop.

  • Any behavior that can be seen to be disruptive to the normal operation of the room such as spamming links, text or spoofing usernames with alternative characters.

  • Refusing to answer your age if asked

  • Talking "hatespeak" about any group or race

  • Spamming URLs for other sites

  • Logging in with an obscene username such as "fuckyouall"

  • Posting email addresses or IM names/IDs.

    For your own personal security and enjoyment of other chatters, email addresses and IM names/IDs must only be exchanged in PRV

Moderators are not exempt from rules. They should set the standard for all behavior. They also have additional rules of their own. They must:

  • Not use their abilities for fun. (e.g. Boot wars)

  • Clearly identify themselves as a moderator as they enter into a situation where they are acting as such. (e.g. Before asking age, or requesting people to stop PRVing.)

  • Provide a public warning before using moderating powers on a user, giving them a chance to correct their behavior. (This also demonstrates to the room that moderating powers are not being applied unfairly.)

We are open to suggestions for rules that may need to be implemented. Please PM any suggestions here.

If you feel you have been booted unfairly from the room, please PM your complaint here