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Sex & General
Sexual Discussion
Discuss sex here, sexual postions, fetishes, likes, dislikes - whatever!
171 posts in 629 threads.
Last post 12-Jul-24 05:31 by faucreuluyoimmi.
12-Jul-24 05:31
by faucreuluyoimmi
General Discussion
Post all your general discussion threads in here!
12 posts in 260 threads.
Last post 12-Jul-24 07:13 by xorogo7453.
12-Jul-24 07:13
by xorogo7453
Erotic Stories
Post your erotic stories in here!
34 posts in 68 threads.
Last post 21-Jun-24 05:48 by xoloc35406.
21-Jun-24 05:48
by xoloc35406
Fun & Games
All fun stuff goes here, such as jokes, funny incidents and so on
0 posts in 27 threads.
Last post 12-Jul-24 06:39 by xoloc35406.
12-Jul-24 06:39
by xoloc35406
NGN Web Site
Feel free to ask for / offer help regarding the site here.
0 posts in 0 threads.
Site Discussion
Discuss the site and stuff here
14 posts in 8 threads.
Last post 6-Jun-24 07:17 by faucreuluyoimmi.
6-Jun-24 07:17
by faucreuluyoimmi
Site Announcements
Posts from the NGN team on the goings on in this place.
0 posts in 7 threads.
Last post 24-Aug-23 10:07 by jolly1234.
24-Aug-23 10:07
by jolly1234
Post any feedback you have on the site - be it positive or negative, or make suggestions to improve the site.
3 posts in 3 threads.
Last post 24-Nov-22 07:00 by ddeuced.
24-Nov-22 07:00
by ddeuced
Premium Testimonials
If you are premium, write a testimonial here about premium for prospective premium members to read!
0 posts in 0 threads.
Greets, Meets & Goodbyes
Announce your arrival here and say hello to other members here. Nothing other than new members saying hello in here please. Please make new members feel welcome.
9 posts in 10 threads.
Last post 7-Mar-24 05:41 by faucreuluyoimmi.
7-Mar-24 05:41
by faucreuluyoimmi
Meet People
Announce your intentions to meet other people here
0 posts in 4 threads.
Last post 4-Apr-24 06:35 by williamson76.
4-Apr-24 06:35
by williamson76
Some of us sometimes have to leave this place, leave a goodbye post to members here
0 posts in 1 threads.
Last post 15-Nov-16 14:27 by slipperyslit.
15-Nov-16 14:27
by slipperyslit
Other Languages Forum
German | Deutsche Language Posts
Sprechen Sie/sprecht ihr deutsch? Dann ist hier der Platz fuer Ihre/eure Kommentare.
0 posts in 1 threads.
Last post 3-Feb-22 09:52 by hazelwill.
3-Feb-22 09:52
by hazelwill
Other Languages
Don't speak English or German (Deutsch) then feel free to post here in any other language
0 posts in 0 threads.
Testing Area
Yep do tests here
0 posts in 1 threads.
Last post 8-Mar-19 19:08 by Pluvingrl.
8-Mar-19 19:08
by Pluvingrl
Photography Tips & Tricks
Discuss taking photos for the site here.
0 posts in 0 threads.
Life Outside Sex
What do you do in your free time? Feel free to discuss it here.
0 posts in 2 threads.
Last post 8-May-23 05:10 by voippufetroupre.
8-May-23 05:10
by voippufetroupre
An outlet for all your political views. Please keep it cordial.
0 posts in 0 threads.
Discuss business, but no advertising please.
0 posts in 0 threads.
Studying? Here is the place to chat about all things educational.
0 posts in 0 threads.
Last post 24-Sep-19 00:42 by jamesnano221.
24-Sep-19 00:42
by jamesnano221
Cars & Bikes
A lot of people like cars, bikes or both!
0 posts in 1 threads.
Last post 26-May-13 07:28 by biggirllover.
26-May-13 07:28
by biggirllover
Discuss relationships and relationship issues here.
0 posts in 9 threads.
Last post 29-Mar-24 08:00 by williamson76.
29-Mar-24 08:00
by williamson76
Like music? Here is the place to share your musical interests, favorite songs etc.
4 posts in 2 threads.
Last post 26-Oct-19 13:21 by fillipoantio.
26-Oct-19 13:21
by fillipoantio
Almost everyone loves to travel. Share your travel stories and favorite destinations here.
0 posts in 0 threads.
Everyone has to eat. Some people love to facilitate that by cooking. Cooks in here!
0 posts in 0 threads.
Computers & IT
We are all using them, discuss them here!
0 posts in 0 threads.