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Thu, 14-Feb-19 5:14 PM (2 days ago)
Happy Valentine’s Day
MrsF and tabathag69 like this
And to you sky hope you have a great day. XXX
(2 days ago)
Sun, 10-Feb-19 10:35 PM (6 days ago)
Tried to take a vid today of me having a shower. It was crap so I'm not adding it but have added a few stills to see what you think...very poor quality..sorry!
MrsF and bigtitlicker like this
It's the beauty of the content that counts not just the quality, Look forward to a video from you sometime.
(6 days ago)
If you want I can volunteer to come take that video for you lol
(5 days ago)
MrsF likes this
God Sky I never thought about that!!!
(4 days ago)
skylove likes this
Sun, 10-Feb-19 2:25 PM (6 days ago)
Mmmmm, anal orgasms on a lazy Sunday afternoon are just so naughty!
MrsF and bigtitlicker like this
Fri, 15-Feb-19 2:23 PM (1 day ago)
Just want to say thank you to all of you who have commented on my pics with such nice things to say. Thank you all for lifting my spirts up and not body shaming me
tabathag69 likes this
Omg hon, I KNOW how that feels. All my life I’ve always been self conscious of me and my body. I can say in total honesty that YOU r a very sexy woman smile
(1 day ago)
skylove likes this
I find you extremely for a older woman. Inbox me let’s chat
(1 day ago)
skylove likes this
Extremely sexy*
(1 day ago)
Wed, 13-Feb-19 12:00 AM (4 days ago)
Very horny and nobody to chat or play with
bigtitlicker likes this
Would love a racy chat with you while we play
(4 days ago)
Tends to come and go about though does she not?
(3 days ago)
tabathag69 likes this
Fri, 8-Feb-19 11:21 PM (8 days ago)
A special lady on here and a few glasses of wine have got me feeling so horny...so I've gone mad with the pics...enjoy whilst you can!!
MrsF likes this
Fri, 8-Feb-19 11:13 PM (8 days ago)
In some real need of some girly fun xxxxxx
MrsF likes this
Fuck sorry I missed you you horny sexy bitch XXXXXXXXXXXXX
(7 days ago)
Sat, 16-Feb-19 10:50 PM (10 hours ago)
Getting incredibly turned on by Dawn72s erotic emails
Sat, 16-Feb-19 10:09 PM (11 hours ago)
Just had an amazing cam session with skylove. Sky your a freak, lol
Who wants to set up a time to be next? Jfit? I would love to get you next
(11 hours ago)
(11 hours ago)
I’m the freak lol I see your dumping me already lol
(10 hours ago)
Not a chance sky. FaceTime me again and see what happens lol
(10 hours ago)
Wed, 6-Feb-19 9:36 PM (10 days ago)
Getting bored with this site again so it's probably time to go...sorry!
I really hope you do not leave us again you have made a lot of us very happy. Please stay. XXXXXXXXX
(10 days ago)
Love the latest pictures, keep them coming honey.
(9 days ago)
Wed, 6-Feb-19 1:35 PM (10 days ago)
I was worried! No more guesses on my last post ladies???
Wed, 6-Feb-19 1:35 PM (10 days ago)
No more guesses on my last post ladies :
Tue, 5-Feb-19 1:55 PM (11 days ago)
Gawd I’m worried someone will guess exactly what is happening in my last post
I think diggy might be right. Is she?
(11 days ago)
Tue, 5-Feb-19 1:54 PM (11 days ago)
Hi all smile
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