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Wed, 19-Apr-17 7:19 PM (9 days ago)
There have been some great posts lately. Let's keep it up ladies.
Biyoungwife, MrsF and MsSlippery like this
Yes there have! Waiting for ur latest, sweetie! ;P
(9 days ago)
yummy likes this
Have to say it's been a good couple of days after a bit of a slow period. It helps if us old school comment and vote on pictures so people especially new people feel valued.
(9 days ago)
yummy and MsSlippery like this
Wed, 26-Apr-17 2:31 PM (3 days ago)
I am happy: the most pretty girl here want to suck my hard clitty.... yeahhh
MrsF and MsSlippery like this
Honey there will be a queue and sweetheart I'm at the front. Love you MrsF XXXXXXXXX
(3 days ago)
Mmmm , i know, i know you are always in the front..to spoil me
(3 days ago)
MrsF likes this
I'll be behind you, holding you right as she licks you, my hands and lips everywhere xxx
(2 days ago)
Mon, 24-Apr-17 2:13 PM (5 days ago)
I challenge all those who don't have a photo up to at least add a profile pictue. IF there are 10 new posters or profile picures I'll post some special pictures.
MrsF and MsSlippery like this
What an excellent idea.
(5 days ago)
yummy likes this
I think MrsF just agreed to join in.
(5 days ago)
It looks like 3 so far. Did I miss anyone?
(3 days ago)
4, that I count. We aren't even half way there. Come on ladies. Does no one want to see my pussy close up?
(1 day ago)
Well we are at 5
(3 hours ago)
Tue, 25-Apr-17 11:26 AM (4 days ago)
I commented on Yummy’s status of yesterday, asking people who do not post to post, Yummy said I can join in so I am. I’m going from 47 pics to 50 all of my boobs let me know what you’d do to them. XX
MsSlippery likes this
Tie them tight and clamp your nipples xxx
(3 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Now that sounds truly delightful Pluvingrl, do it to me, please!! Love MrsF. XXXXXXXXXX
(3 days ago)
after a while i untie them and suck the clammed nipples with sweet sugartaste
(3 days ago)
MrsF likes this
That sounds awesome Amsia perhaps you and Pluvingrl can take one each???? Love MrsF. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
(3 days ago)
Mmmmm yes, then slide ourselves down your body until we find another place where we can have one each xxxx
(2 days ago)
Fri, 21-Apr-17 2:14 AM (8 days ago)
just uploaded. Vote and comment please.
MsSlippery likes this
Wed, 19-Apr-17 10:56 AM (10 days ago)
off to put kettle on any one want a brew
MrsF likes this
Only of your pussy nectar XXXXXXXXX
(10 days ago)
In that chair? Pmsl xx
(10 days ago)
Sun, 16-Apr-17 6:34 PM (12 days ago)
classic? when I read the comments of men show that meny men have their brains in their dick
MrsF likes this
Sun, 16-Apr-17 10:13 AM (13 days ago)
new pics...happy eastern for all
MrsF likes this
lovely pics mmmmmmmm xxx
(13 days ago)
Just been through your gallery, some truly wonderful pictures of a special body Honey. Kisses all over you, especially those wonderful thighs. XXXXXXXX
(13 days ago)
Thu, 27-Apr-17 8:32 AM (2 days ago)
The 50th picture has gone up in just over four months; I enjoy posting allowing my sexy friends to look and comment. I’ve put a bit of pussy in today, let me know what you want to do to me! MrsF XXXX
Thu, 20-Apr-17 2:23 PM (9 days ago)
Hi, Australian lady here, anyone from Queensland here?
Wed, 19-Apr-17 6:12 AM (10 days ago)
I need a beautiful woman to have sex with. Just me and you baby. Hmu sacramento.
Mon, 17-Apr-17 7:09 PM (11 days ago)
New here, from the sunny coast Queensland, Australia, say hi if you'd like to meet me!
Sat, 15-Apr-17 10:08 PM (13 days ago)
I need my master to come boss me around tell me what to do and spank me plzzzz
Sat, 15-Apr-17 9:10 PM (13 days ago)
He left.....now i cant get myself off the way i want to!!! What lady wants ti help
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