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Wed, 14-Nov-18 5:45 PM (1 day ago)
Anyone else love fifi's feet?
Fifi likes this
I think they are OK but I'm not a foot lover like you but I do love her boobs and her lovely long slander legs her bum and her sweet pussy, perhaps she should post all of those bits for us to see. XXX
(1 day ago)
Fifi and bigtitlicker like this
They do look very nice. I’m kinda like MrsF, not really a foot person but I’d love to massage all 10 toes. Five to begin with and then move to the other 5. The long way around, up and back down.
(13 hours ago)
MrsF likes this
Thu, 8-Nov-18 2:55 PM (7 days ago)
Good morning ladies
MrsF likes this
Morning sexy I hope you have a brilliant day and that all your wishes come true. XXXXXXXXX
(7 days ago)
queenbuttercup likes this
Hope you have had a good day and I hope you enjoy a lovely sexy weekend. XXXXXXXXX
(6 days ago)
queenbuttercup likes this
Hope you have had a lovely weekend sexy??? XXXXXXXXXX
(3 days ago)
And a nice (cold) morning to you as well....
(3 days ago)
Wed, 7-Nov-18 9:04 PM (8 days ago)
Just had to delete all my pics. Not going to get into it in a general chat. But im not leaving site and love it here
For those who I have made contact with I want to continue my relationships with you, for those who want to hate, well I feel sorry for you
(8 days ago)
Lovely to see you posting again sweetheart, that body is so hot and special and sexy. XXXXXXX all over it.
(3 days ago)
Wed, 7-Nov-18 5:07 PM (8 days ago)
To nmgolfcpl, was wondering if you were having another good day?
Your good days make all our days better lol
(8 days ago)
Have to agree with you cups I want her
(8 days ago)
queenbuttercup likes this
To have lots of good days too. I love that body as much as you do.
(8 days ago)
queenbuttercup likes this
Wed, 7-Nov-18 5:12 AM (8 days ago)
rate my pictures
Tue, 16-Oct-18 2:04 PM (30 days ago)
My moderator status is about to run out. Anyone know how to renew it or who to contact?
Sun, 14-Oct-18 5:12 PM (32 days ago)
Ladies, why don't yall post any pics? Im wet and waiting!
MrsF likes this
I know honey it is really b quire here at the moment, I'm sure it will pick up soon. I've posted one for you, hope you like it???
(32 days ago)
Funnthesun813 likes this
Fri, 12-Oct-18 9:37 AM (34 days ago)
got the weekend off and its going to be rainning -- just my luck
MrsF likes this
You'll have to find some inside entertainment to keep you stimulated, I'm sure you can manage that sexy Di????? XXXXX
(34 days ago)
Wed, 10-Oct-18 1:59 PM (36 days ago)
Good morning everyone. Hope all are having a great week.
not to bad looking forward to having the weekend off
(35 days ago)
Mon, 8-Oct-18 2:18 PM (38 days ago)
If somebody could hear the sound of my wet cunt right now......
MrsF and flipme like this
Hope we are going to see some lovely pictures of it honey???
(38 days ago)
Sun, 7-Oct-18 8:30 PM (39 days ago)
is anybody there?
Fifi and MrsF like this
(38 days ago)
Should have been “Hello!”
(38 days ago)
MrsF likes this
I'm here in the week honey but not the weekend PM if you want to chat somewhere on here. Loved that sexy photo you posted today. XXXXXXX
(38 days ago)
Sun, 7-Oct-18 11:06 AM (39 days ago)
Woke up with wet panties
MrsF and Fifi like this
And what were you dreaming about sexy?
(39 days ago)
Fifi likes this
Sat, 6-Oct-18 3:46 AM (40 days ago)
I am ready to cum ladies!
Fifi likes this
Thu, 4-Oct-18 12:12 PM (42 days ago)
theres somebody here who drives me crazy. She knows who she is. I won’t say nor do I want her to come forward. It’s a perfect match.
MrsF and Fifi like this
Another one of these here today gone tomorrow members. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
(33 days ago)
Fifi likes this
Wed, 3-Oct-18 12:24 PM (43 days ago)
I need something sweet and wet in my mouth xxxxx
MrsF likes this
I've got just what you want sexy.
(43 days ago)
Sun, 30-Sep-18 4:10 PM (46 days ago)
Isn't Flipme absolutely stunning, we have some lovely new posters, chekkybuttnice has a bum to worship with tongue and slaps but Flipme has such a delicious body. So much to want to do with her. WOW X
flipme and Fifi like this
I whole heartedly agree with you on both counts there MrsF. xx
(45 days ago)
flipme likes this
Fri, 21-Sep-18 10:27 PM (55 days ago)
Apologies sexy ladies for being absent on here for too long. It’s a long story I’ll bore you all with sometime. Glad to be back and looking forward to catching up with all you sexy ladies. xx
MrsF and Fifi like this
Just keep posting like that ans everyone will be so happy, lovely tits and a cunt to doe for. XXXXXXXXXX
(53 days ago)
Fifi likes this
You have a sexy body...glad your back xxx
(50 days ago)
Mon, 17-Sep-18 7:59 AM (59 days ago)
Morning Sexy Ladies, We have a new poster today morgen who is registered male this may be revenge porn. I have pm'd them about this so just be aware of this. Your fun loving, hard working mod MrsF XXX
Fifi likes this
Someone that knows how to take a good picture, that’s for sure!
(59 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Hi, I had no response from morgen to the message I sent them and as such I have removed the pictures. I'm really sorry because they were very good. Your fun loving hard working moderator MrsF. XXXXXXX
(57 days ago)
Fifi likes this
Sun, 16-Sep-18 10:11 AM (60 days ago)
Wed, 12-Sep-18 8:04 PM (64 days ago)
Is it cool that I said all that, is it too soon to do this yet, 'cause I know that it's delicate.
What's up sexy?
(64 days ago)
Fifi likes this
Song lyrics, delicate by T.Swift mmmm , gorgeous song xx
(64 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Gorgeous singer too hehe xx
(64 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Tue, 11-Sep-18 6:53 AM (65 days ago)
Oh poop, I forgot that I cannot see video now I'm no longer premium. But on the plus side, there are lots of new photos posted that have got my attention hehe xxxx
MrsF likes this
Looking forward to your offering honey. XXX
(65 days ago)
Tried to upload one last night, but failed somewhere, will try harder this evening xxx
(64 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Well sexy perhaps a description of what you are going to post would be nice! What are you going to show? Your lovely boobs, bum or pussy?
(64 days ago)
If you post I will post. How does that sound?
(64 days ago)
Posted to give you some encouragement, hope you like it. XXX
(64 days ago)
Mon, 10-Sep-18 10:51 AM (66 days ago)
So...the question I am mostly asked is "What size are your tits?"
And the answer issss .............?
(64 days ago)
Maybe I need to come and find out. ??
(53 days ago)
Thu, 6-Sep-18 9:41 PM (70 days ago)
I had an amazing experience on the weekend...check my blog xx
Tue, 4-Sep-18 5:36 PM (72 days ago)
MrsF and Funnthesun813 like this
Hi and welcome honey. Love your body and hoping to see more of it. XXX all over it.
(72 days ago)
flipme likes this
Hi sexy! Love ur pics! Welcome!
(72 days ago)
flipme and MrsF like this
Sun, 2-Sep-18 2:23 PM (74 days ago)
Good morning everyone. Hope everyone is having a great weekend
had a good weekend - hope you did too xx
(73 days ago)
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