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Wed, 21-Mar-18 2:37 PM (9 hours ago)
Looks like the recovery is turning up.
Tue, 20-Mar-18 3:26 PM (1 day ago)
gagged and removed dude pictures
Mon, 19-Mar-18 11:59 PM (2 days ago)
(2 days ago)
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Mon, 19-Mar-18 10:16 PM (2 days ago)
You can now watch videos with Nudles. Once you have watched them they appear in your "Viewed with Nudles" in the videos menu. Enjoy.
Sat, 17-Mar-18 5:49 PM (4 days ago)
Having so much fun visiting but alas, time is beginning to run short....
Tue, 13-Mar-18 6:41 PM (8 days ago)
bored,,,, anyone wanna play and chat
If only I had the time ill just have to I imagine you playing!
(7 days ago)
VOVAN0848 likes this
Would love to chat and especially “play”. The time zones always seem to get in the way!
(4 days ago)
Tue, 13-Mar-18 3:06 PM (8 days ago)
Roll call! Where are your from?
Thu, 8-Mar-18 11:15 AM (13 days ago)
Happy International Women's Day to all of you and please spare a thought today for all those women, not as lucky as us here, around the world oppressed by violence or a paternalistic system.
Fifi likes this
Thu, 8-Mar-18 8:06 AM (13 days ago)
Sat, 3-Mar-18 2:43 PM (18 days ago)
We have some great new posters. Very happy.
hello16 and Fifi like this
Its great to see new tits xxx
(17 days ago)
bigtitlicker and Fifi like this
I really like all the vag.
(16 days ago)
Fifi likes this
Fri, 2-Mar-18 4:00 PM (19 days ago)
Hello ladies, new here
Fifi likes this
And “Hello” to you as well. Welcome to the website!
(19 days ago)
(18 days ago)
MissLittleA likes this
Welcome hunnie xx
(18 days ago)
MissLittleA likes this
welcome x
(8 days ago)
Thu, 1-Mar-18 10:01 AM (20 days ago)
Happy first day of spring to all in the northern hemisphere, despite the fact that in the UK and lots of Europe its the worst weather we have had for ages. Happy first day of autumn down south. XXXX
Fifi and Lilou91 like this
It certainly does NOT feel springlike here on the east coast.....I'll wait til the 21st to celebrate! IF THEN...........
(19 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Thank you Mrs F. Hope you are surviving the sever weather. I really miss the cold xx
(15 days ago)
Sun, 25-Feb-18 5:42 PM (24 days ago)
All the shine from a thousand spot lights, all the stars we steal from the night sky, will never be enough....
MrsF likes this
Lovely song
(22 days ago)
Fifi and MrsF like this
Excuse my ignorance but what song is it?
(21 days ago)
Fifi likes this
It's called never enough. From The greatest showman xx
(21 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Sat, 24-Feb-18 10:36 PM (25 days ago)
Any women from nz
Several my love.
(24 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Go to the top of your screen - scroll to people and click. NZ folk will come up. XXX
(24 days ago)
MrsF likes this
So why do you not show up enjoyable? Is it only profiles with pictures?
(24 days ago)
Yes Mrs F. Lots of areas only show members with profile pics, find people, members who logged in within last day for example.
(23 days ago)
Sat, 24-Feb-18 10:35 PM (25 days ago)
Bi female here
enjoyable and yerdua23 like this
Thu, 22-Feb-18 7:33 PM (27 days ago)
Its nearly verification vendredi. So come on girls, get your postits out
Oooo k that went down well
(25 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Wed, 21-Feb-18 2:56 AM (28 days ago)
anyone else hate johnny weir?
Sorry to show my ignorance honey but who is Johnny Weir?
(28 days ago)
Retired US figure skater that beat his husband but is still hired by NBC to commentate on several sporting events.
(28 days ago)
MrsF likes this
OK thank you, my experience is that you have to be a prize twat in any sport to become a commentator or even worse an analyst!!! XXX
(28 days ago)
bigtitlicker likes this
Sun, 18-Feb-18 3:19 AM (31 days ago)
USA men's hockey team is terrable
Fri, 16-Feb-18 11:01 PM (33 days ago)
Who wants to don a big strapon and help me dp lilou91?
MrsF and Fifi like this
Oooh I'll watch for a while then join in... you'll have to guess which end hunnie
(28 days ago)
MrsF and Lilou91 like this
All of you should cum and fuck
(27 days ago)
MrsF likes this
lilou91 has the most amazing breasts/tits/hangers. Stunning
(20 days ago)
Lilou91 and MrsF like this
Are you sure you just want to watch fifi
(20 days ago)
Fifi and MrsF like this
Mmmm ok you've twisted my arm hehe xx
(19 days ago)
MrsF and Lilou91 like this
Wed, 14-Feb-18 2:37 PM (35 days ago)
Shawn White wins gold, drags American flag on the ground.
Can we just ban the politics from here. To be honest I don't give a fuck who drags there flag across the ground they are all symbols of historical masculinity which is all fucked anyway.
(35 days ago)
enjoyable and Pluvingrl like this
How is having some pride in your country political?
(35 days ago)
Be proud but is this the place for such expressions?????
(35 days ago)
As far as I'm concerned you can have pride in your country that's your choice but I'm not interested. This is not the place for it go and do it on a more appropriate site and of course it's political.
(35 days ago)
enjoyable likes this
Wed, 14-Feb-18 8:09 AM (35 days ago)
Happy Valentines day to you all, hope you all have a great day and find lots of love and anything else you are looking for. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX to you all from me.
bilady59, k4mf and enjoyable like this
Sat, 10-Feb-18 8:47 PM (39 days ago)
Let's see your best nude curling poses.
Sat, 10-Feb-18 5:51 PM (39 days ago)
very excited leaving friday night for newyork city.cant wait first time there
MrsF likes this
Well I hope you have a great time and find everything you are looking for. XXXXX
(39 days ago)
Sat, 10-Feb-18 3:56 PM (39 days ago)
Ok I'm having trouble taking selfies, I have tried with the timer on my phone and managed lots of pics of my floor or ceiling or a very blurry bum . So, how do you do it, or any offers to come a
k4mf and MrsF like this
Come and take some for me hehe
(39 days ago)
Lol set itfor 10secs not to fat from you it is tricky and not easy. I probably take about 12 before I get one that works.
(39 days ago)
Fifi likes this
If you need me to come and do it for you I will but I will be doing a lot more to you then taking a pic of your ass lol
(39 days ago)
Fifi and Lilou91 like this
If you can’t do it babe just keep posting what u have been posting cause anything you post is gorgoues
(39 days ago)
Fifi likes this
Thu, 8-Feb-18 8:54 PM (41 days ago)
great posts today
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