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Sat, 8-Dec-18 11:42 PM (21 hours ago)
Summers gone, no chance for being naked outdoors, better just e under the duvet. I wish I had company there.
Wed, 5-Dec-18 2:51 PM (4 days ago)
Needing some company
Sun, 25-Nov-18 5:21 PM (14 days ago)
I'm so fucking horny . I can't keep up with all of your emails . lol I want to fuck and suck all of your collective cunts .
Perhaps you should take your fingers out of your cunt and use both hands on the keyboard slut.
(14 days ago)
BonnH69 likes this
and a beautycunt it is!!
(13 days ago)
BonnH69 and MrsF like this
It certainly is a great cunt moni and I think it has been very wet over the last few days!
(13 days ago)
Didn't stay long enough to do anything.
(6 days ago)
Wed, 28-Nov-18 5:57 PM (11 days ago)
Hmmmm quite day . Nobody is out to play .
Another one of those here today gone tomorrow members.
(6 days ago)
Tue, 27-Nov-18 5:51 AM (12 days ago)
removed a cock pick
MrsF likes this
Well done super Mod, been lots of them about recently I have taken about 8 males out lately.
(12 days ago)
And there’s about ten other fake women on here too you should look into
(12 days ago)
I hate to see guys on here! I’m here because I got tired of being “hit on” by guys who didn’t know I’m almost 80 and live 2,000 miles away. Love this site!
(11 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Tue, 27-Nov-18 5:49 AM (12 days ago)
husband knows I don't like cum, so he used my feet while I was sleeping, came all over them and left them covered. He showed me a video in the morning ... girr
MrsF likes this
Did the video make you super horny???
(12 days ago)
Mon, 26-Nov-18 2:38 PM (13 days ago)
i'm trying to teach my tits to type so I can keep both hands on my wet cunt .
That should be a funny view: typing nipples. I can keep your lips spread or vice versa..
(13 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Fri, 12-Oct-18 9:37 AM (58 days ago)
got the weekend off and its going to be rainning -- just my luck
MrsF likes this
You'll have to find some inside entertainment to keep you stimulated, I'm sure you can manage that sexy Di????? XXXXX
(58 days ago)
Feel free to hit me up for some sexy chat if your bored
(13 days ago)
Sat, 24-Nov-18 2:32 PM (15 days ago)
My first day on this site I met five sexy new friends . Best site I've ever tried . I spent a good part of the day rubbing my cunt , licking my fingers , pinching and squeezing my tits .
NGNSiteAdmin likes this
So glad you are enjoying yourself here with your new friends you dirty little cunt. XXXXXXXXX all over over it bitch.
(15 days ago)
NGNSiteAdmin likes this
Fri, 23-Nov-18 3:19 PM (16 days ago)
Love showing my always horny cunt to other horny women . Prefer matures .... I will admit I do enjoy a youngster once in a while .
BonnH69 and MrsF like this
Younger here. Let's chat
(15 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Hit me sexy . I love the taste of a swwet young pussy and I'm more tha up to a sexy chat if you like . I know I would .
(15 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Sat, 24-Nov-18 4:26 AM (15 days ago)
My NGN friends have helped me relieve my stress. I wish you all a very Happy Holiday season!
boomer177_1, MrsF and BonnH69 like this
Glad you are enjoying it Push, couple of lovely mnew posters yesterday.
(15 days ago)
Send me an email and we'll really releive your stress .
(15 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Thu, 22-Nov-18 10:19 PM (16 days ago)
Love showing my pussy to other horny women. Prefer matures .
MrsF likes this
It is lovely to see it to. This mature definitely likes it. XXXXXX all over it.
(16 days ago)
Tue, 20-Nov-18 12:18 PM (19 days ago)
I am putting this up as I hate to see a mans status up. AbleSquirell34 posted here and a picture off the internet which I took down. I've gagged him the twat. Love you all MrsF your happy Moderator X
BILEARNER and candi_devine like this
Wed, 14-Nov-18 5:45 PM (25 days ago)
Anyone else love fifi's feet?
Fifi likes this
I think they are OK but I'm not a foot lover like you but I do love her boobs and her lovely long slander legs her bum and her sweet pussy, perhaps she should post all of those bits for us to see. XXX
(25 days ago)
Fifi and bigtitlicker like this
They do look very nice. I’m kinda like MrsF, not really a foot person but I’d love to massage all 10 toes. Five to begin with and then move to the other 5. The long way around, up and back down.
(24 days ago)
MrsF and Fifi like this
Thu, 8-Nov-18 2:55 PM (31 days ago)
Good morning ladies
MrsF likes this
Morning sexy I hope you have a brilliant day and that all your wishes come true. XXXXXXXXX
(31 days ago)
queenbuttercup likes this
Hope you have had a good day and I hope you enjoy a lovely sexy weekend. XXXXXXXXX
(30 days ago)
queenbuttercup likes this
Hope you have had a lovely weekend sexy??? XXXXXXXXXX
(27 days ago)
And a nice (cold) morning to you as well....
(27 days ago)
Wed, 7-Nov-18 9:04 PM (32 days ago)
Just had to delete all my pics. Not going to get into it in a general chat. But im not leaving site and love it here
For those who I have made contact with I want to continue my relationships with you, for those who want to hate, well I feel sorry for you
(32 days ago)
Lovely to see you posting again sweetheart, that body is so hot and special and sexy. XXXXXXX all over it.
(27 days ago)
Wed, 7-Nov-18 5:07 PM (32 days ago)
To nmgolfcpl, was wondering if you were having another good day?
Your good days make all our days better lol
(32 days ago)
Have to agree with you cups I want her
(32 days ago)
queenbuttercup likes this
To have lots of good days too. I love that body as much as you do.
(32 days ago)
queenbuttercup likes this
Wed, 7-Nov-18 5:12 AM (32 days ago)
rate my pictures
Tue, 16-Oct-18 2:04 PM (54 days ago)
My moderator status is about to run out. Anyone know how to renew it or who to contact?
Sun, 14-Oct-18 5:12 PM (56 days ago)
Ladies, why don't yall post any pics? Im wet and waiting!
MrsF likes this
I know honey it is really b quire here at the moment, I'm sure it will pick up soon. I've posted one for you, hope you like it???
(56 days ago)
Funnthesun813 likes this
Wed, 10-Oct-18 1:59 PM (60 days ago)
Good morning everyone. Hope all are having a great week.
not to bad looking forward to having the weekend off
(59 days ago)
Sun, 7-Oct-18 8:30 PM (63 days ago)
is anybody there?
Fifi and MrsF like this
(62 days ago)
Should have been “Hello!”
(62 days ago)
MrsF likes this
I'm here in the week honey but not the weekend PM if you want to chat somewhere on here. Loved that sexy photo you posted today. XXXXXXX
(62 days ago)
Mon, 8-Oct-18 2:18 PM (62 days ago)
If somebody could hear the sound of my wet cunt right now......
MrsF and flipme like this
Hope we are going to see some lovely pictures of it honey???
(62 days ago)
Sun, 7-Oct-18 11:06 AM (63 days ago)
Woke up with wet panties
MrsF and Fifi like this
And what were you dreaming about sexy?
(63 days ago)
Fifi likes this
Sat, 6-Oct-18 3:46 AM (64 days ago)
I am ready to cum ladies!
Fifi likes this
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