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Wed, 17-Jul-19 7:57 AM (1 day ago)
Wet and horny and it's not even 9am !
It's always good to cum first thing in the morning, makes my pussy feel good all day
(1 day ago)
Fri, 5-Jul-19 11:07 AM (13 days ago)
getting turned on looking at photos
MrsF and psps like this
Who turns you on most?
(13 days ago)
Probably you {uvingrl
(3 days ago)
Pluvingrl that should say.
(3 days ago)
Fri, 5-Jul-19 8:25 PM (13 days ago)
I want to fuck fifi
MrsF and psps like this
We all want to fuck Fifi!
(13 days ago)
bigtitlicker likes this
Very true.
(9 days ago)
Join the Q. Me to.
(8 days ago)
Fri, 21-Jun-19 1:02 PM (27 days ago)
Anymore voting on my last post ladies smile
Maybe if you posted a picture taken in the last decade?
(15 days ago)
Tue, 11-Jun-19 8:51 AM (37 days ago)
Hi ladies xx I'm new here
MrsF and bigtitlicker like this
And you have a beautiful arse, I want to beat it very very hard.
(29 days ago)
Stella218 likes this
Tue, 11-Jun-19 12:40 AM (37 days ago)
Lack of ladies in chat and activity ;o when is it usually a good time when the NGN ladies come on. Find me in chat xox I'm the only one there anyways lol ;
Wed, 5-Jun-19 6:18 PM (43 days ago)
I'm in the mood to look at feet. Let's post them up girls.
bigtitlicker likes this
Luv feet with polished toe nails and lovely jewelry!!! Hope to post new photo over weekend!
(42 days ago)
bigtitlicker likes this
Tue, 4-Jun-19 12:50 PM (44 days ago)
I shaved my pretty pussy bare and omg it’s sooooo itchy now sad Gawd can anyone give me any suggestions that will help! Why is it so itchy sad I hate how it looks sad
bigtitlicker likes this
It last beautiful! I guess that’s a personal preference but it would be wonderful to sooth it with my tongue. I have a Braun electric shaver that I have used nearly everyday since I went “smooth”.
(44 days ago)
psps likes this
Mmm thank u smile It’s so itchy!! I think I’m going to let it grow back. And I don’t lile how mime looks so bare sad I look like a lil girl sad I’d love to see urs smile
(43 days ago)
baby powder.
(43 days ago)
psps likes this
you need to take a photo of that opened up for us.
(43 days ago)
psps likes this
Darling your pussy looks marvelous and so delicious!!! I would eat you until you faint with pleasure of the continuous orgasms shaking your body!!! Squirt your fluids in my mouth I’ll swallow or share
(42 days ago)
Thu, 30-May-19 9:50 PM (49 days ago)
Please do not post links in status
bigtitlicker and Stella218 like this
Wed, 22-May-19 1:52 PM (57 days ago)
Omg only because I’m anonynous here can I confess this, no one has seen my face so I can share. Gawd I’d die if anyone that knew me knew this, but yesterday an older woman fucked me for real!!!
psps and Stella218 like this
Well how did you like it? Did you fuck her in return. Was it strapon or by hand or both?
(57 days ago)
herwrldagain likes this
Omg I loved it. Gawd omg no one that knows me would ever guess I’d do this! It’s a huge secret for me. Omg I’d die if they knew. She fucked me with a strap on. I orgasmed 3 times omg. She is a domme
(56 days ago)
bigtitlicker and psps like this
a few have seen your face. It has been shared a few times. Even under your old name.
(55 days ago)
psps likes this
I think we need more details about this, you said she's a domme, did she take you forcibly?
(54 days ago)
psps likes this
It wasn’t by force, it was her confidence her dominance and her just being able to domme me sad
(51 days ago)
Thu, 9-May-19 5:19 PM (70 days ago)
Okay.. Time for Art and Craft… Need to cut the Wax Strips to whatever size I need. Apply… then (gulp) yank it off!!! Grrrrr
MrsF, psps and Stella218 like this
Not nice honey, you should have someone to kiss it as it comes off.
(69 days ago)
psps likes this
Have you ever given a waxing to another girl? I volunteer if you want to try. Think it will be very erotic!
(52 days ago)
Sun, 26-May-19 10:34 PM (53 days ago)
Home alone thinking slutty thoughts wishing one you girls would message me to share some dirty kinky tasks!!! Ummmm
Wed, 22-May-19 1:50 PM (57 days ago)
Hi all
bigtitlicker and Ingelise like this
Mon, 13-May-19 11:16 PM (66 days ago)
got fucked today.
psps likes this
Mon, 13-May-19 3:33 AM (66 days ago)
gave hubby a foot job today.
psps likes this
Fri, 10-May-19 4:21 PM (69 days ago)
Arousing myself looking at all you sexxy girls wishing that one of you wants to use me. Ummmm
Sat, 4-May-19 11:09 PM (75 days ago)
Wonder why peoples judge me for my sexual choices before you truly know me. I'm technically single but.. I am the third wheel now with a lesbian couple who are much older then I.
Honey you’d be number one in a relationship with me but I understand the pleasure available in a three some!!! I would just have to provide twice the satisfaction to you!!!!
(72 days ago)
Ingelise likes this
Sat, 4-May-19 8:36 PM (75 days ago)
Not as easy... I have to admit I thought this would be a lot easier to make some real friends on here.. guessing i am on the wrong site.
psps likes this
Cindy I want to be your friend!!!! Your youthful exuberance is exciting and very arousing!!! ;- o) I luv to discuss anything you want and believe we would both enjoy and benefit from the dialogue.
(72 days ago)
Ingelise likes this
Wed, 1-May-19 1:25 AM (78 days ago)
Luv to find a sexxxy girl who is willing to turn me into her sexual slut. Ohhh Yesss
psps likes this
a few thousand miles closer and i would sure take you up on that xxx
(75 days ago)
Ohhh Yesss that would be a dream cum true;-o)!!!
(72 days ago)
Sun, 5-May-19 10:47 PM (74 days ago)
Sunning after cutting the grass. Saw I need a pedi!!! Posted photo of toenails asking for color preferences. Help me choose girls. Ummm
Sun, 28-Apr-19 8:25 PM (81 days ago)
Was a great weekend, still amazed how my mature ladies Have A Voracious Appetite For my Body!!
Can't say I blame them really.
(80 days ago)
Wed, 24-Apr-19 6:57 PM (85 days ago)
Done classes for the week, going to the cottage and going fullfing the girls fantasy AGAIN!!
psps likes this
Hope you all have a great time with the girls and you fulfil lots of fantasies. XXX
(82 days ago)
So wish I could assist you in fulfilling all your girls fantasies. Ummmmm
(82 days ago)
Sat, 27-Apr-19 3:01 PM (82 days ago)
New photo showing my titties with some extra enhancement. Who wants to play!!! ;-o)
Wed, 24-Apr-19 7:47 PM (85 days ago)
so very very bored xxx
Wish I could help you honey. XXXXXXXXX all over your pussy.
(82 days ago)
Thu, 25-Apr-19 3:38 PM (84 days ago)
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