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Thu, 23-Jan-20 3:56 PM (2 days ago)
i also want to lick cunts ,but there is no women wants to offer her cunt for licking and maby fucking
Sat, 14-Dec-19 12:58 AM (42 days ago)
If this site, newGALnudes, is supposed to be for gals or women.... wht the guck is there so many men? I do not want to see your nasty dicks. Sorry. Try newbiebudes, which is for everyone.
junior71 and MrsF like this
I agree with you completely as Moderators we try to remove them as soon as we identify them. We do our best honey. MrsF. XXX
(42 days ago)
bigtitlicker likes this
nasty dicks yee, i also want to lick cunts ,but there is no women wants to offer her cunt for licking and maby fucking
(2 days ago)
Tue, 26-Nov-19 12:08 AM (60 days ago)
How many bi girls do we have here? I’ve never been with a woman before.
MrsF likes this
Well I am a bi girl married to a bi husband who has always encouraged me to enjoy women. Once you have been with a woman things will get much better. You must try it out and fulfill your desires. XXX
(55 days ago)
mrsf are you paid for the comment?
(2 days ago)
Tue, 21-Jan-20 3:30 PM (4 days ago)
no one has posted feet in almost a year. Come on ladies.
Tue, 31-Dec-19 10:46 AM (25 days ago)
happy new year to all you ladies xxx
bigtitlicker likes this
Tue, 24-Dec-19 3:28 PM (32 days ago)
merry christmas to all xxxx
MrsF and bigtitlicker like this
I hope you have a wonderful festive season and that you have a couple of days off to have some time with your family, children and friends.
(32 days ago)
Mon, 9-Dec-19 6:17 PM (47 days ago)
gagged a dude. Debating if I should delete him.
MrsF likes this
Delete the fucker super mod. I gagged one earlier
(47 days ago)
Wed, 4-Dec-19 12:20 AM (52 days ago)
new to site hope to make some friends
MrsF and bigtitlicker like this
Hi sexy love your opening pictures and yes you will make lots of new and exciting friends here. XXX all over that sweet pussy.
(52 days ago)
Tue, 3-Dec-19 2:06 PM (53 days ago)
Omg secretly I’m now seeing an older woman smile I’ve never done anything like this!!! This is really happening and no one that really knows me, knows! Just u here! Ask me questions please smile
MrsF likes this
Tue, 3-Dec-19 2:02 PM (53 days ago)
Hi everyone smile
Fri, 22-Nov-19 1:32 PM (64 days ago)
I'm thinking I can't wait to set my page up so I can start admiring the sexiness, and posting some of my own pics/vids.
bigtitlicker and MrsF like this
you need to post your tits, ass, pussy and feet smile
(64 days ago)
I tend to agree with btl minus the feet!
(62 days ago)
Wed, 20-Nov-19 2:16 PM (66 days ago)
Let me be your slut
MrsF and bigtitlicker like this
I thought you already were my whore? Slut!!!
(66 days ago)
Sat, 26-Oct-19 5:45 PM (91 days ago)
Posted a new photo exploring a new side of myself!!!!??
Like your photos on NewTransNudes ?? Yeah.. Defiantly a "new side" of you ohmy
(81 days ago)
MrsF likes this
*NOTE TO DUDES* "IF" you have the "balls" to post here, be sure to NOT use your DUDE name from other NN sites... Fucking idiots... Kisses bitches!!! grin grin grin
(81 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Interesting this person, whoever they are, has left us!
(71 days ago)
Wed, 13-Nov-19 10:08 PM (73 days ago)
lets see some sexy feet
Mon, 11-Nov-19 6:51 PM (75 days ago)
dumped another dick.
MrsF likes this
Been loads of the twats recently, I've started leaving nasty comments on theire profile pages as well, one of them put a video up of him wanking FFS. Keep the good work up Super Mod. XXXX
(75 days ago)
Just done another twat now who posted his dick, yuck.
(74 days ago)
I just delete them then remove the profile.
(73 days ago)
Mon, 11-Nov-19 10:30 AM (75 days ago)
week off
MrsF likes this
Hope you have a great time. XXXXXXXXXXXX
(75 days ago)
Fri, 8-Nov-19 5:18 PM (78 days ago)
I feel like fisting tonight!
MrsF likes this
I'm always open to that, as you know!!! XXXXX
(77 days ago)
Wed, 23-Oct-19 10:08 PM (94 days ago)
removed some dudes again.
MrsF likes this
I did a couple of pricks as well, can't believe that one of them put a video up of himself wanking!! WTF.
(92 days ago)
bigtitlicker likes this
Wed, 23-Oct-19 5:05 PM (94 days ago)
Cor just so very board i really need some excitement in my life xxxxx
Sun, 20-Oct-19 12:25 AM (97 days ago)
Posted some new photos exposing new view positions titties and bush! Who needs a slutty sub
Sat, 19-Oct-19 2:49 PM (98 days ago)
really need a pussy in my face xxxx
LatinaInk and psps like this
Mon, 14-Oct-19 6:14 PM (103 days ago)
thinking about you
From afar, another here today gone tomorrow.
(100 days ago)
Mon, 14-Oct-19 9:52 AM (103 days ago)
horny and bored
MrsF likes this
You need something nice and pink to suck on honey!!!!!
(103 days ago)
psps likes this
Wed, 2-Oct-19 9:03 PM (115 days ago)
ooooooo well another year older tomorrow the joys lol xxx
MrsF likes this
Happy birthday hunnie xx
(114 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Hope you have a lovely day sexy, just another years experience for that sweet pussy of yours!! XXXXX all over it oh and your tits and your bum and everywhere.
(114 days ago)
psps likes this
hope you had a great birthday xxx
(112 days ago)
MrsF likes this
Present posted for you sexy bitch. XXXXXXX
(110 days ago)
Mon, 30-Sep-19 1:04 AM (117 days ago)
New and eager to please....
MrsF, whosnext17 and psps like this
That sounds very exciting now get on your knees bitch and lick my pussy till I tell you to stop!!
(117 days ago)
whosnext17 likes this
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